Buy ZOE Fermented probiotic drink
A source of health and longevity!

Products ZOE concentrates of live (active) live bacteria, prebiotics and digestive enzymes on specially prepared deep-fermented plant raw materials in concentrations up to several billion live active probiotic bacteria per ml of product.

Organic and herbal product

Gluten free, GMO free
Free of sugar, animal or soy protein.

Benefits of oats and their enzymes

Creates growth factors for bacteria-friendly microbiota

Dietary fiber and vitamins

Creates growth factors for bacteria-friendly microbiota

Suitable for

Improves digestion - thanks to enzymes and bacteria.


What is ZOE?

We are convinced that naturalness, nature, ecology are the key to your family's well-being. We have created a unique concentrate enriched with beneficial bacteria for every day of your entire family's life. ZOE - for great family well-being!

How to use ZOE?

Use it cleanly, mix it with water or food, and the power of beneficial bacteria will enrich your day. The daily and long-term use of ZOE products will have a positive effect on your well-being, strengthen the immune system and promote the prevention of diseases in the whole family.

Kā lietot ZOE?

Lietojiet to tīrā veidā, sajauciet ar ūdeni vai pārtiku, un labvēlīgo baktēriju spēks bagātinās jūsu dienu. ZOE produktu lietošana ikdienā un ilgstoši pozitīvi ietekmēs Jūsu pašsajūtu, stiprinās imūnsistēmu un veicinās visas ģimenes slimību profilaksi.